How was your Labor Day weekend, guys? I hope you didn't miss us too much. We work so hard to bring you the newest, more fire #content so fucking often that a nice long weekend getaway is always appreciated. Hopefully we can make up what we lacked by bringing you interesting brands today and launching head first into NEW YORK FASHUNZ WEAK coverage starting tomorrow. While I just had a nice little vacay in the Catskills, I now have to work for 10 days straight, even on the weekend SMFH!

Okay, fine, I didn't have to do any real "work" to acquire the lookbook for Lease on Life Society's F/W 14 collection, entitled "BRVDO 2." I was lucky enough to have it slide right on into my EMs (that's "electronic mails" fyi). Compared to the father and son design duo's earlier efforts, which played with wild colors, brash prints and bondage straps, this new limited release feels more controlled and focused. There are fewer colors this time around and items lack the previous superfluous detailing that might have turned some of you off. F/W 14 touches a bit more on what's popular today: SLP and Fear of God's destroyed denim and striped punks, Henrick Vibskov-like paneling, a bit of Junya's mixing and matching, et cetera. Solid influences all around to be quite honest.

The new items hit the Lease on Life Society's website this Sunday, so if you get tired from clicking through so many slideshows, cleanse yourself with some retail therapy.