Man, Kris Van Assche is lucky he makes dope ass hybrid sweatshirt shirt things because homie literally has the word "ass" in his name. I'm sure wherever he's from no one probably ever made fun of him for that fact, but as, everyone knows, junior high in the United States is quite possibly the worst experience known to man. I knew one kid who was named Pat Hart. EVERYONE CALLED HIM "PHART" AKA "FART" AKA "P FARTY AND THE FAMILY." Shout out to Kris Van Assche and Pat Hart for having overcome their unfortunate names and shout out to the mean kids in junior high for coming up with "Phart." That shit still makes me laugh. Also, another handful of hearty shouts to Van Assche for making the bottom of this sweatshirt a cotton poplin shirt because layering a shirt underneath a sweatshirt in this weather is really uncomfortable even if I'm wearing shorts and telling everyone who asks that, "No, I'm not hot. I'm wearing shorts. It's no different than wearing pants and short sleeves when you think about it." EVEN THOUGH EVERYONE KNOWS THAT'S A COMPLETE FUCKING FABRICATION.