North West might be running things over at Paris Fashion Week, but these kids can definitely give her a run for her money in the style department. Shot by photographer Lani Lee and styled by Marysol Ortiz, this photoshoot features a group of kids dressed up in a variety of streetwear-inspired looks.

The idea started with Lee wanting to shoot a “group of tough kids playing out adult roles,” so she got together with Ortiz on a rainy afternoon to bring it to life, and while these kids are posing like pros, Lee reveals to us that these kids are mostly amateurs with no professional modeling experience. 

The inspiration behind the shoot was actually Lee’s own experiences with her stepdaughter. “I really wanted to explore more about what was changing in the way kids perceived fashion,” she explains. “It's almost a satire, just a way to explore the question if kids should care about what they wear. Is it a creative type of self-expression? Or is it driven by a superficial consumer based culture? I don't really have an answer, just a lingering question every time I go to get her dressed. I take joy and humor in her opinions and the self confidence in her choices.”

Lee splits her time between Los Angeles and New York City. She’s photographed everyone from Lil Debbie to the ATL Twins, and recently shot Married To The Mob’s Fall/Winter 2014 Lookbook. Check out the photos below.