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There is something in the water right now that has infected the minds of designers to keep making black and white horizontal striped shirts. Fear of God, Saint Laurent and others are doing it. Whether they're sweaters, tees or anything else, they've been super popular lately and all it does is make me think of pirates. The more worn out and distressed the piece is, the stronger the connotation. For some reason though, I kind of like this Junya pirate sweater. Like, it's even got the wear on the cuffs and hems as if you've been sailing for months and only have, like, two alphets left to rotate through. Could you even imagine a scenario as terrible as that? TWO ALPHETS IS NOT ENOUGH. AND, ON TOP OF THAT, YOU GET SCURVY? This also leads to another question: Was Seinfeld 20 years early? Is the pirate trend about to crest? Who is going to be the first pirate? I saw a DJ perform in a puffy shirt a couple weekends ago. It might have been him. He could have been the first pirate. At this point, anything is possible. Yes, even $700 sweaters that make you look like a homeless pirate.