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Let's get a little bit weird. I mean, it is Monday and we could all use a change of pace. So, why not let Josh Reim float in to give your day a little twist of lemon? The Canadian designer released his S/S 15 lookbook and, if you're unfamiliar with his work, pulls inspiration from a few places. Reim says this collection takes after a mixture of three of the WASPiest things ever: The Kentucky Derby, Martha's Vineyard and Vincent Gallo. I don't know about you, but I also get strong Boy-Scout-trying-to-earn-a-merit-badge vibes as well. I hope he knows how to rub two sticks start a fire. Get your mind out of the fucking gutter, fam.

Everything is a bit campy and feels a little like Moonrise Kingdom, which makes sense—Reim wanted to provide an outsider's perspective on the WASPs, which he did by throwing a made-up country club patch emblazoned with an image of Satan on a few pieces. While the off-beat stuff (like a retro '70s green getup) may turn you off, take a look at the coat with the exterior hip pocket or the trucker in chocolate and mocha brown waves, both of which feature a cutout near the shoulder. BANGERS. There's even a shaman-like shirt with neck details that could go well with all the other types of culture you want to appropriate on any given day. Go forth, young man.