John Elliott, your favorite designer of side-zip hoodies, perfect sweatpants, and super-flattering selvedge denim, is taking his next-level taste to print. Today marks the launch of Research Document Vol. 1, Elliott's foray into editorial that also serves as a vehicle for his Fall 2014 lookbook. 

"I really wanted the actual physical piece to be something that when you held and you touched it you felt the texture of the paper," says Elliott. "I wanted it to feel different, just like I want the French terry of our sweatpants and our hoodies to feel different."

Indeed, each copy of the magazine is printed in Iceland on high-quality stock, and the project was headed by Nathaniel Brown, who can count creative direction for Kanye West and Beyoncé under his belt. Research Document Vol. 1 also includes exclusive editorials like one featuring A$AP Nast, an interview with Porter Robinson, and a skate-themed series of photos styled by our own fashion editor, Matthew Henson. 

Pairing one-of-a-kind custom John Elliott denim pieces with the line's versatile basics, the stark editorial gives a rugged art-house look that speaks to the malleable nature of Elliott's clothes—they're only as definable as the wearer.

"This is a further step into what we're doing and where we're going. Whatever you do in life is about pushing yourself outside of that area where you’re comfortable and really challenging yourself to try something new," says Elliott. "For us this is that, it’s a total risk, but at the end of the day I hope it connects people to the brand a little bit more."

Only 2,000 of Research Document Vol. 1 will be printed. They will be available in select retailers, and also ship out with every order placed on