To stunt is human. Life is a constant quest to crawl to the next level and shit on those below you. Never sweat. Never allow a perceived chink in your armor to gleam. The fuccbois will descend upon you and pick at it. No, you are a self-assured, swag monarch. It me, Bauce Sauce, your spiritual Dr. Stephen R. Covey, here to supply a veritable 12 Stunting Habits of Highly Legendary People. This is a framework to use to elevate your station from bumbling plebeian into deliberate, merciless Flex Führer. Throughout your day there are ample opportunities to stunt, but the commoner ignores their moment to shine, opting rather to slink back into the safe shadows. Fam, I wish you could see me right now. I'm looking at you and S'ing my fucking H right now. If you want to become a top-tier humanoid then absorb my teachings. Adopt my ways. Apply my wisdom. Follow me on my journey. This is "It's Nothing To Stunt: A Day In the Life of Bauce Sauce."

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