Amongst all the other techwear brands out there today, I like Isaora most because its clothes don't make me look like I'm a walking piece of futuristic technology. Instead, they're just super cozy, fit well and repel a lot of the accidental stains I end up with way too often. The company's F/W 14 collection feels like a step up from previous offerings. Don't get me wrong, Isaora has always put out straight heat, but the F/W 14 collection, dubbed "Movebetter," really looks to up the ante with a glut of taped seams and an expanded catalog of sweats and outerwear.

Another aspect I like about Isaora is the clothing touches on "commuter" style that's weirdly en vogue without going full chub for bicycling to work. We all know these people. We get it. I'm killing the earth by taking the subway. Your carbon footprint is so much smaller than mine. Let's not even talk about how much better shape you're in either. I don't need to be body-shamed at my fucking desk. Many of the items in the upcoming collection use this "Dri-Release" technology that apparently wicks away your sweat without you knowing and also has an odor neutralizer embedded in the fabric. You can even sort the products on Isaora's website by the technology each one has. It's like sorting by price from high to low, but way more high-tech. You can snag all the stuff from the new collection right from Isaora's website.