Later this month in Brooklyn, curator Natasha Vo will bring together the work of six artists in a group show that Juxtapoz says "bridges the gap between fine art and street art." Titled "32°F," the exhibition will be held at 351 Van Brunt St. in Red Hook and will feature paintings and collages by Hueman, Joram Roukes, Bleehouse (aka Brian Lee), Erik Jones, Eugenia Loli, and Pau.

Image via Juxtapoz / Hueman
Image via Juxtapoz / Bleehouse
Image (censored) via Juxtapoz / Eugenia Loli
Image (censored) via Juxtapoz / Erik Jones

Juxtapoz writes that the exhibition is meant to "highlight the awakening of human perceptions in art and beauty—the common traits and universal truths that different cultures, languages and upbringings identify—to create a level of tangibility, linking art to consciousness." The relationship between water and ice is used to illustrate the way each artist blends fine art and street art. 32°F is the freezing point of water, and as Bleehouse explains, "we live in that immeasurable state where it is in transition, not fully ice not fully water, it is simultaneously both and contains both worlds of art, processes and traits and needs."

Ten percent of the proceeds from all works sold at the show will go to the Red Hook Art Project, a non-profit that provides academic, visual arts, and music tutoring to high-risk children in Brooklyn. The exhibition opens on Sept. 18 at 7 p.m. and will run through Oct. 9.

[via Juxtapoz]