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Hulk Hogan’s Tampa restaurant, appropriately named Hogan’s Beach, might be a great spot for burgers and beers, but don’t think about going there if you wear caps, camo, durags or anything else remotely hip-hop.

Dress codes and fashion rules have been used throughout history by people in power to exercise their power over others, and it seems we can now include the Hulkster in this group. Without beating around the bush, his restaurant’s dress code straight up bans people who wear clothing that is conveniently popular within the urban, hip-hop, streetwear and black communities. Just a few of the banned items include:

  • Plain white T-shirts
  • Oversized T-shirts
  • Jerseys
  • Backwards hats
  • Du-rags or bandanas
  • Workboots
  • Oversized or excessive jewelry
  • Camouflage
  • High top sneakers

TMZ spoke with an employee at the restaurant who, when confronted about the oversized jewelry ban said, “I don't want to sound stereotypical ...” before trailing off. Wow.

They also reached out to Hogan, who claimed that he didn’t know anything about the dress code and was looking into it. Your move, Hulk. Here's your chance to be a real American hero.

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