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Shhhh, shhhh, be careful. The computers might be able to hear you right now. We have to keep this quiet. Who would have ever expected a bomb ass long ass bomber jacket to hit the selection at H&M? I thought what separated our favorite brands from the fast fashion giants was the minor tweaks in design, like turning a regular bomber into a long bomber. I honestly thought they'd never catch on. But, oh man, was I wrong. It looks like the computers have come alive and can know read and feel human emotions while scrolling through Tumblr and picking out the best high-fashion pieces to copy. Then, they immediately upload the design and it's manufactured. The only thing they got wrong here is the two-tone styling. Those felted sleeves are probably actually made of the felt you used on your last diorama project in elementary school. But to balance that out, THEY PUT A DOUBLE ZIP ON IT. Yes, the things the smartest, most astute brands mess up sometimes, H&M did. I didn't realize they had this kind of mental capability. I thought they were still stuck in a time from ten years ago when ornately decorated "going out" shirts were still a thing. I welcome the new overlords. I was always on your side, guys, I swear.