Naturally, I didn't have an entire key to drop on the $1,000 Air Jordan IVs by Hender Scheme, but I do have a small sum of change stored up in my sofa that might be enough to pay for a few of these Hender Scheme leather pen cases. The stock over at CNCPTS is getting way too lit recently. The homies have vis, JE, Balenciaga, OAMC and other assorted Four Pins-approved brads. Shit is straight buckwild. But I can't look past these little pen holders. These seem so superfluous, but have you ever had a pen explode all over your backpack and ruin a solid square foot? Shit is a straight up fucking nightmare because it's impossible to get out. You could commit a double homicide in a white shirt and it would be easier to get the blood out than pen ink. What's cool about knick knacks like these is that super expensive companies make 'em so it allows you, a Certified Struglord™, to get a scent of royalty without dropping too much money you don't even have in the first place. It also provides a superior flex when someone asks you where you got your new, ridiculous pen holder. There are a bunch of colors to choose from, so you might as well cop the whole spectrum like it was the diesel Crayola 64 box set.