This shirt from Helmut Lang is tricky. At first, I thought it was a jacket masquerading as a shirt due to the storm flap and all, but, actually, I'm pretty sure it's just a shirt with a random ass storm flap for what I can only imagine are completely aesthetic reasons. Granted, I like the detail because storm flaps remind me of The Rocketeer. You guys remember that movie? That shit was my jam. I even had a 3D comic book based on the adaptation of the film. What is it with man's fascination with flight? Is it to be like the birds—closer to the heavens? Is it to feel a sense of power and control over our world? I don't know. I do know that if you give me a jet pack, a helmet and a cool ass jacket with a storm flap, I'm not gonna waste my time fighting Hollywood Nazis. Nope. I'm gonna scoop up Jennifer Connelly, fly us to, like, a mountain top, smoke some good good and then fly around some more before having a Grade A makeout sesh.