Hey guys, have you noticed I've been trying to make mesh shirts layered under regular shirts a thing? It should come as no surprise that just like my Editor Coatit's not really gaining any traction. But this Helmut Lang practice jersey thing is pretty dope to do the thing I just finished talking about. I feel like that's the only way to really wear this shirt. Unless you're a girl. DUH. Then you could wear it with, like, a luxe tennis skirt with cocaine sneakers and look all amazing and gamine and whatnot. Dawgs, beware of gamine girls with mesh Helmut Lang shirts and expensive tennis skirts. They will do things like make you spend real, actual money on juice and prix fixe dinners and you'll give up things like sitting alone, smoking weed, watching SportsCenter three times in a row not because they forced you, but because you don't even think about that shit anymore because you're in love and your life is effectively over.