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Wow, why is Han Kjobenhavn the most fire menswear brand out there for dudes who want to look like they're specifically en route to a soccer game aka me? This trench, which is called the "Square Trench" because it has these huge black panels on the side that are enormous pockets, is so scarily perfect that the rest of, like, existence in general just isn't up to snuff. The collar is barely even a collar, it's like a mini shawl, and the coat also has two closures: a zipper and buttons. That's super important for nice outerwear like this. See, you want to be able to mix things up a bit and fasten one or two buttons when it's not too chilly, but you also need to be able to zip up all the way to retain body heat when shit really goes down. The most important detail though? Those aforementioned ginormous ass pockets. If you put anything in there, you'll end up looking like a catfish noodler, sticking your arm in up to your elbow, fishing for valuables and shit. Don't put too much stuff in there though or you could end up like a woman trying to find her keys in her purse or, worse yet, look like you're fisting yourself. At least everything will be secure. And that's what matters.