Some days you come across a product that forces you to double—NAY—triple take. You should have seen me when I discovered that this Han Kjobenhavn trench cost a mere $150. Surely they jest. One hundred and fifty dollars for a raincoat from one of the better labels out there today? Astounding. Astonishing. Aside from the price, since we're not in the market of buying something just to buy it (j/k lmao), this thing is paneled all modern-like for a cool, slick look that makes others think you know something about the art world and you might be running late to the latest gallery opening in Chelsea. Underneath those panels is a super subtle holographic print that runs throughout the body and sleeves. You can only catch sight of it if the light hits just right. It's not quite 3M. It's not too obvious, but it's there and looks cool for anyone that's into that sort of thing. It's shiny and chicks are scientifically attracted to shiny things. How do you think jewelry even became a thing, fam?