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You can get almost anything delivered to your door these days, including food, private cars and even weed. In the fast-paced world in which we live, companies are forced to look for new ways to deliver on our ever-increasing demand for instant gratification. Now, the super speedy service we’ve come to expect in almost every area of life is making its way to the world of online shopping.  Everlane has just launched its newest initiative, Everlane Now, which will save shoppers from the agonizing wait that comes along with making purchases online by delivering products to shoppers in the San Francisco area in 60 minutes or less. 

While many retailers in the United States already offer overnight shipping, Everlane is taking the idea of power shopping to a new level, allowing customers to cop new threads in the same time it takes to order a pizza. Not only is the service super quick, it’s affordable too, with delivery fees set at just $4.95 for individual items, with free delivery for two items or more. 

Everlane will have some help in making antsy shoppers’ dreams come true: it has partnered with on-demand delivery startup Postmates, who first made its name servicing customers who wanted to order takeout from restaurants that didn’t normally offer delivery. Everlane will start with select offerings, such as a selection of T-shirts, denim bags, and an upcoming trench coat, bomber, and wool coat collection. 

So next time you’re caught without a shirt and need a quick fix, you know where to go. 

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