I think in the realm of brands that are criminally underrated, Esemplare is one of the leaders in the clubhouse. Every F/W when I come back to look at some sick outerwear, there is Esemplare with some dope take on the typical. Last year, one of my friends copped this black parka that looked like it was made of boiled wool, but wasn't, so it was way cheaper than a boiled wool parka would be. Let me tell you, this jawn is so fucking sick and so big and so warm. I was immediately jealous when he copped. And, like, I'm not a jealous person, as much as some of my writing would suggest otherwise. Though, when the right item comes along and I don't act quickly enough, shit can be pretty devastating. If someone in my social circle cops this black bomber from Esemplare though, all bets are fucking off. I will immediately be green with envy. It's made of thick wool, so it's wild warm. It's got double zippers and a button-down storm flap to conceal the zippers, so it's wild sleek. And the sleeves are even lined so you don't have to worry about the wool directly touching your skin and rashing you up in the name of steez. Slide this baby underneath one of your topcoats using only a couple buttons to hold it shut and you'll have a delicious little layer sandwich happening. God, I'm starving.

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