A decade ago, television's broiest show debuted, coinciding with the broiest years of many of our young lives, altering them, very slightly, forever. I first watched 'Trouge while living in freshman dorms, chasing Monarch Vodka with Rockstar Juiced (purple flavor) and marveling in the glory of a local P2P network which enabled me to download entire seasons of television in mere minutes. Subsequently, the homies and I waded through many a hungover morning binging on 22-minute episodes of Entourage, perhaps America's most prescient time capsule of mid-2000s extravagance.

Watching Entourage again as an "adult," it would be easy to be critical. The blatant sexism and celebration of excess make it an easy target, but it's more fun to look back at mid-2000s hilarity and to ponder if Mandy Moore was actually underrated. Entourage wasn't telling us anything we didn’t already know. Yeah, yeah, Hollywood is a vapid wasteland. But, shit, compared to the celebreality culture of 2014, 'Trouge seems almost, dare I say, quaint. It's just a show about a shitty actor making terrible career choices, while his friends siphon money and babes at every opportunity. Basically, it's how we imagine Shia LaBeouf's life is going these days.

At it's core, Entourage is a show about #thriving. The Four Pins official dictionary defines "thriving" as acting with the same reckless, fevered interest and indifference toward consequences as your 13-year-old self. Jumping a Razor scooter over two flaming skateboards? That's thriving. Stealing seven Coors Light from your dad and making out with babes on a trampoline? Thriving. Anything involving jet skis? Thriving. What's a better example of thriving in modern America than living off a talented friend whilst doing very little, if anything at all, yourself?

But how does one let the world know they're thriving, besides jet skis? Yeah, that's right, one's alphet. Thriving requires giving zero fucks and your attire must communicate that sentiment. The many fits of Entourage illustrate varying levels of thrive as each character ebbs and flows from peak to weak. And, yo, it's really been ten years since this shit first dropped, so you're finna see some of these hot early-mid-2000s trends on the runway or on some asshole influencer's Instagram in, like, six months anyway, so we might as well get a jump on that next wave of the nostalgia fashion money grab. Let's review.

Angelo Spagnolo is a writer living in Portland, Oregon. You can follow him on Twitter here.