Before Drake was Drake, he was Jimmy Brooks, a gangly teenager on Degrassi: The Next Generation, who goes from awkward eight grader to wheelchair-bound rapper (yes, he was a rapper on TV first) in the course of 100 episodes of soap opera-worthy high school drama. Jimmy loses his ability to walk in Season 4 when a disturbed classmate shoots him in the back. While that plot line seems anything but funny, a blogger in Toronto has adapted Drake's Degrassi identity for a hilarious stickering project.

Lauren O'Neil and her boyfriend recently pasted images of Drake's face atop handicapped signs in Toronto to remind fans of his TV roots. She calls the small acts of vandalism "draking." “My boyfriend made the stickers last Wednesday and we’ve been ‘draking’ the town ever since,” she told BuzzFeed. “We just want to make people smile.” The project may not exactly be PC, but we're thankful that it has resurrected this:

[via BuzzFeed]