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Already considered fashion royalty by most, French fashion house Dior reclaimed its rightful place at the palace this fall. Partnering with renowned French artist Pierre Delavie, Dior continued its long-standing tradition of collaboration with the Palace of Versailles. As the palace undergoes an ambitious restoration project that will be completed in the spring of next year, a large custom trope l’oeil canvas has been erected to disguise the renovations from tourists.

This enchanting canvas features images of models in Dior’s iconic designs throughout the years lounging around the palace and peering down at visitors. According to Designboom, Delavie describes the piece as a monument to “all glories of France,” combining the rich legacies of Versailles and Dior. The façade’s covering gives viewers a glimpse of the sprawling green gardens behind the courtyard, allowing the piece to act as a twisted window into depths of the palace.

Restoration on the Pavillon Dufour and the Vielle Aile of the Palace should be completed by March of 2015, so Dior should enjoy its keys to the kingdom while it can. 


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