Diemme makes these tweed slip-ons for you to tiptoe in. I know you could probably just buy a pair of Vans and call it a day, but would they be tweed and would they be Italian? Sometimes you just gotta pay a little extra from some tweed and Italian soles, dawgs. You guys should take my sneaker advice with a giant mountain of salt though. Almost everyone I talked to while I was at the Complex offices tried to give me a pair of sneakers. EVERYONE. At first, I just thought that having a desk at Complex Media meant that you always had a surplus of sneakers. Like, I was legit offered a pairs of shoes before I was offered a chair. But now I have a feeling that everyone felt bad for me and was just trying to surreptitiously up my sneaker game up a few notches under the guise of goodwill because I'm bad for the company image or some shit. They even snapped a pair of Nikes I was wearing for "Complex Kicks," but I don’t think they ever got published and they were only doing it to make me feel better about myself. HOLY FUCK. AM I A THAT BIG OF CHARITY CASE?