Not only is he a serious art collector, but Diddy is also someone's muse. Artist Cory Arcangel's 2013 digital video piece, titled Diddy / Lakes, features a photograph of the hip-hop mogul about to board a private plane with a pool of water on the ground beneath him. There's a good chance that right before this photo was taken, Diddy was busting out some variation of his signature "Diddy Jet Dance." 

Arcangel's 80-inch-tall flatscreen installation was shown at London’s Frieze Art Fair 2013, and it is now on the wall of Team Gallery in New York City as a part of Arcangel's "tl ; dr" exhibition.

The solo-show opened on Sept. 7 at the gallery's Wooster Street location and will run through Oct. 26. According to the exhibition press release, there is also a work on display that features an "extremely pixelated" black-and-white photo of Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

Image via adamwjohnson5 on Instagram

Of the show as a whole, the gallery writes, "Arcangel has produced a body of work expanding upon his use of cultural and technological obsolescence as the source of an artistic vocabulary...These works explore a tension in societal attitudes towards the preservation of culture: the obsessiveness with which we conserve and narrativize visual art and popular culture, yet dismiss technology as somehow adversarial to art and art-making."

Image via gloriamariagallery on Instagram
Image via oxtavio on Instagram

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