David Beckham, who could probably be on the cover of any magazine he damn well pleases, is on the front real estate of revered men's magazine Another Man. The star soccer player and noted stylish celeb fronts the magazine's Fall/Winter 2014 issue, which focuses on icons who break the rules. 

For the cover, Beckham is dressed in the Raf Simons x Ruby Sterling collection that was just modeled by Travi$ Scott. Beckham also sat down with legendary fashion journalist Tim Blanks for a conversation that goes deep into Beckham’s life and mentality as a world-famous superstar.

Understandably, it’s very strange to know you are going to get photographed no matter what you do when you're one of the biggest celebrities in the world. Beckham told the magazine, “I was at the baseball the other day and I was eating a hotdog, and I thought, ‘I bet someone just got a picture of me wrapped round this hotdog looking really unattractive’, and sure enough, next day there was a picture of me, mouth full of hotdog, looking very unattractive in an awkward position.” 

But awkward hotdog incidents aside, Beckham displays the DGAF attitude that is inherent in being a stylish dude. "I am who I am," he says. "I don't think I'm better or different. I just treat people how I'd like people to treat me and my family." 

The whole issue will be available for your viewing and reading pleasure on Sept. 25.

Photographed by Collier Schorr, Styled by Alister Mackie


Photographed by Collier Schorr, Styled by Alister Mackie