I think it's been pretty well-established that rare hemlines are an upper echelon move in menswear. But I think the raw hem has edged it out on the "hierarchy of hems" totem pole. This is particularly due to two things: 1. You can DIY raw hems a bit easier and 2. They wear and tear in a super cool way. Like, you could always cut a rare hemline onto something you own, but the odds of you being looked at like a crazy person with rare hems on your Uniqlo tees is much higher than if you just let the designers work them up for you. The ultimate move is what Common People did here with a raw hem mac coat. Outerwear with a raw hem? Such a paradox. Wow, really makes you think about the philosophy of clothing. Why would you pick the item that needs to keep you warmest to cut the material off of? Anyway, you could look a bit disheveled with the raw hem, but you also look like such a fucking baller when you let the little knotted string that always happens on raw hems hang there. It'll fucking reach the ground at some point if you don't cut it and drag behind you in the wake of your alphet. Raw hems are like dreads: They're super cool as long as you don't cut them and just let them grow forever.