I like Chapter's clothing a lot because they stick to a totally neutral color palette and instead let the craft and silhouettes set themselves apart from other brands. Its sweaters rely on distinct textures and knitting patterns rather than gaudy colors and the outerwear is simple, but has its quirks. This "Stas" jacket is a perfect example. It fuses some elements of a suit jacket with a topcoat to make a perfectly sized and hefty piece of outerwear. Now, I understand that "suit jacket fused with a topcoat" is a match made in #menswear's version of eternal hellfire, but this thing combines a ribbed collar, double breasted button closure and a very subtle zig-zag textured weave to create a shaman-like silhouette instead of the "Tiesto at Fashion Week" vibes that most hybridized items tend to give off. I never thought I'd see this sort of combined clothing design actually work and actually make me want to buy something. Honestly, it sounds like something Express Men would try to pull together for mall shoppers who think they can find something of value in the mall aside from an Auntie Anne's pretzel. Sorry, you can't. Pop in, cop a pretzel, immediately bounce and just order this jacket online instead.