I remember when all of menswear was in a hubbub about people draping shawls and thick blankets over their shoulders to keep warm. It was right around the time of the forever controversial Floppy Hatgate, I believe. People flipped their collective shit on the blogz for no real reason. The Anti-Blanket establishment was all, "Hey, wearing blankets is fucking stupid, man." But everyone in the People's Shawl Party was all, "Well, I'm warm, so suck it, man." You can't really argue with that logic, can you? Well, Billy Reid pretty much split the difference with this wool/alpaca/mohair overcoat because, while inspired by blanket fabrics and patterns, it's still a functional coat with sleeves and all that other shit you want. You could brave winters in Westeros and fight dragons and [insert other Game of Thrones reference] in this thing. It's even got a leather collar stand so you can flip this shit up and fight off the wind without fear of it falling down in the face of a single, light breeze.