This Bedwin & The Heartbreakers nylon parka reminds me of Nautica jackets back in the day when Nautica jackets were the fucking shit. I remember my parents were like, "This navy parka looks kind of like a Nautica jacket," which is parent speak for, "You're never getting a Nautica jacket because they are very expensive and at 12-years-old your entire existence is surprisingly exorbitantly expensive." But then they'll go ahead and give your little sister a TV that she can have in her room and you'll spend the entire summer between 7th and 8th grade overhearing her watch The Mighty Ducks in which they play Iceland. WOO WOO WOO KENNY WU. I HAVE THAT WHOLE FUCKING MOVIE MEMORIZED. And there's, like, no fucking way a television with a built-in VCR was cheaper than a Nautica jacket. But maybe it was. I don't know. I got a Starter jacket the year before. I really shouldn't still be so salty about this.