AXS Folk Technology is one of those brands that comes with the heavy artillery during market week and fucking murks it and is available for purchase at an eclectic collection of shops on the Internet that I do not frequent. That means I own none, but would like to. It also means that I clearly need to diversify my menswear shopping bonds. I've never seen more perfectly executed anoraks than AXS Folk's TBH. It makes me want to own more anoraks or which I also own none. And let's talk about the pocket placement. Top notch. I hate when I put something important in a jacket pocket and I'm not fully confident it's going to stay put. With AXS's perfectly placed flap snap pockets, I can rest assured everything will be safe. The other great thing about AXS's F/W 14 collection is the wide array of colors. It's earthy, but not fucking boring as dirt. There's a full-on salmon-colored getup and the other anorak in slide 4 looks like it's grey, but I bet when you see it in real life it has more of a burnt brown to it. How do I know that? Because I went to Oi Polloi and looked at it. Pick up the new gear before anoraks go out of style.