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It seems like Instagram is the go-to place for interesting art projects these days. There is always the "Weekend Hashtag Project," which invites users to create an image according to a specific theme and to share it using the corresponding hashtag. Also, this past weekend marked the opening of the "Photoville" public art exhibitions in Brooklyn. Visitors are invited to view installations and photo exhibitions installed outdoors and inside shipping containers at Pier 5 (complete with a beer garden, workshops, and talks). 

There are few things we love more than free art and Instagram. "Free Art Fridays" is the latest Instagram hit that you should definitely know about. The project combines the things we love into a fun scavenger hunt that dates back to 2006 but has recently taken off in New York City. In a recent profile, the Wall Street Journal explains that the game has changed over time and that now it's pretty simple: search the #FAFNYC and #FAFNY hashtags on Instagram and use the clues to get to the art before someone else does.

Image via ace_pintura on Instagram
Image via martiancodeart on Instagram
Image via francomon on Instagram

Getting your hands on the free art is not as easy as it sounds because there are quite a few people on the streets searching for the same pot of gold at the end of the hashtag rainbow. One collector told the Wall Street Journal that his first time out he got nothing, and the second time he went home with 6 new pieces. "The main point is putting your art out there," said artist and FAFNYC participant Daniel Albanese, aka @dustyrebel.

You have the hashtags now, so make sure you're out and about on Friday to join the fun.

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