"A big definition of who you are as a designer is the way you look at the world," says Apple's senior vice president of design, Jony Ive, in the film Objectified, a documentary about product design and the way it affects our lives. Now Ive seems to have found another creative who looks at the world in a way he admires: Australian industrial designer Marc Newson.

In an exclusive on Friday, Vanity Fair announced that Newson is joining Ive's team at Apple. While the company refused to confirm if Newson will work on the much-anticipated smart watch, his contributions will definitely be big for the tech behemoth.

“Marc is without question one of the most influential designers of this generation,” Ive told Vanity Fair. “He is extraordinarily talented. We are particularly excited to formalize our collaboration as we enjoy working together so much and have found our partnership so effective.”

Newson, who is based in London, works in a variety of fields, including aircraft design, product design, jewelry, fashion, and furniture. In the past, he's designed products for companies like Ford, Nike, Qantas Airways, and G-Star RAW. Newson's style is known as biomorphism, which involves incorporating structures from nature into his creations. In 2010, when he unveiled his design for an extremely limited edition (only 22 were created) $1.5 million yacht at Gagosian Gallery, Kanye West tweeted, "I'm inspired to work harder now."

With his decision to bring his talents to Apple, Newson is reuniting with one of his longtime collaborators. In addition to working together on designs for Apple, Ive and Newson previously joined forces to create objects for Bono's (RED) charity, including solid gold Apple earbuds, a Range Rover, and a Leica camera that sold for $1.8 million.

While it's still unclear what role Newson will play at Apple, we can assume he won't design anything that looks like Google Glass. When that piece of technology was first unveiled, Newson said it made you look "like a complete dick."

[via Vanity Fair]