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Andy Warhol continued making art well past his greatest-known works like the famous Campbell's soup cans, all the way up to collaborating with a young Jean-Michel Basquiat - but many people miss this later work, including the recently-surfaced Little Red Book #296, an album of 18 images that was just gifted to Tulsa’s Philbrook Museum of Art.

This exciting collection gives a view to how Warhol might have participated in our selfie-infused world, which would probably have a lot to with hiss fascination with strong personalities. Subjects include creative notable such as Metropolitian Museum of Art curator of prints and photographs John McKendry, socialite/food writer Maxime de la Falaise and Interview magazine editor Rosemary Kent (the famed publication founded by Warhol and relaunched in recent years by GQ's Glenn O'Brien.) The photos have a sharp, playful quality, including then "Little Red Book" name itself, a sly reference to the heated discussions on communism that were popular at the time.

These portraits were all shot with the Polaroid Big Shot, a popular camera in the early seventies, designed specifically for taking portraits. Warhol was known for taking the camera everywhere and constantly documenting his social world. If you'd like a hint at what a Warhol Instagram account would look like, check out the museum's site here.

[via Hyperallergic]