Have you guys ever thought about having kids so that you'll have small, genetically similar versions of humans who are too small and weak to resist when you dress them in clothing that you like in order to project onto them all the unrealized hopes and shattered dreams from your own damaged childhood? ME TOO. Thankfully, this brand AKID decided to make some kiddie versions of basically every fire footwear option imaginable. Like, straight up, we're talking miniature FBTs and tiny baby wheat Timbs for the swagged out kids of swagged out adults. I feel like this brand is dope for parents who do things like lie to themselves and pretend that their kids prefer the original Star Wars when they obviously love Jar Jar Binks and shit. I know I'm not ready for kids because if I see a toddler flexing in some baby FBTs outside Milk Studios, I'm pushing that little hypebeast fucker into oncoming traffic lest he take a Tommy Ton shot that was meant for me. EAT THE YOUTH.