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Aime Leon Dore and Filling Pieces are releasing a small run of co-branded sneakers that are available in-store at Baskéts. Where is Baskéts? Obviously, Amsterdam. If you're not out on some canal smoking dank and eating…um, wait, what the fuck is, like, the official dish of Amsterdam? Anyways, if you're not in Amsterdam because your entire life is a brick, you're gonna have to wait until tomorrow to hop on your Internet machine to order these bad boys on ALD's site. Ya boy would totally wear the cream joints while wandering around Amsterdam. Like, I really need a vacation, guys. I feel like I could have fun in a city like Amsterdam. Although, I can barely ride a bike because riding bikes is for poors. I think it's pretty obvious I'd spend my time sleeping way too late to actually take in anything cultural and then eating at really crappy fast food restaurants after getting super stoned because that's just how you travel.