It seems like a rite of passage in the fashion world to be served a cease and desist letter. Just look at Supreme: the brand has stirred up controversies with everyone from the NCAA to the NHL to Louis Vuitton over the last few years. If this ability to ruffle the feathers of the big guys is any indication of success, emerging label Public School can officially say it has arrived.

In a recent chat with Interview, Public School designers Dao-Yo Chow and Maxwell Osborne revealed that they can no longer use the acronym “P.S.” on any of their upcoming pieces because that name is already owned by Aeropostale. “Aeropostale has this brand called P.S." said Chow. "We did this J. Crew collab, and we had a sweatshirt that said 'My P.S. crew,' and they sent us a cease and desist letter—to J. Crew and to us—saying that they have a trademark on it. Which is good to know, 'cause now we don't have to go through the hassle.”

So to all the aspiring designers, just know that receiving a cease and desist means you're officialy on the radar of wack brands that are trying to protect their intellectual property by trying to snuff out your shine.

[via Fashionista]