If lookbooks are to be believed, it looks like Team Tight Pants could be on their way out. We honestly might be on the backswing of an oversized menswear movement ready to launch forward like the bat of an on steroids Barry Bonds. I'm no trend forecaster, but based on my experience looking at collections online for eight hours a day and occasionally seeing them in person, this is something I truly believe. TBH the new Acne stuff looks more like something Morgan Spurlock might have needed at the end of Super Size Me and/or your fat uncle right after he got gastric bypass surgery and dropped, like, 100lbs since you saw him last Christmas, than the typical all black, skinny jeans with chelsea boots look.

For S/S 15, rather than the huge parka-like outerwear Acne consistently murders for F/W, there are sleeker jackets with no frills presumably made for the brisk spring air. Quite a few drawstring-waisted variations too, which is quickly becoming my favorite extra detail on outerwear. It's almost like if you combined double zippers and drawstring waists, you'd have a perfect storm of outerwear. Oh wait, Acne, like The Simpsons, did it first. But that yellow quilted bomber would be decidedly better if it weren't, so, um, YELLOW. As always, there's a lot of rich tones and interesting takes on proportion, with a super weird velcro sneaker to boot. You'll have to wait on the collection until next year, of course, but that should give you enough time to put on the winter weight needed to fit into this stuff anyway.