Yeah, so, we totally missed that Acne had released its F/W 14 lookbook. Listen, things got super hectic and mistakes were made. It slipped through the cracks. Now that the collection is starting to hit stores though, why not take a slack-jawed gander at the sheer absurdity that is Acne's F/W 14 collection? It can't hurt. What's hilarious about Acne is despite how dope a lot of the products are on their own, the way they're styled can legitimately make you laugh your ass off. That was my first reaction when I saw the "Spectacular Sensation" sweatshirt in slide 5. Even in the slide before, dude looks like he's dressed up in an outfit that would better fit the Abominable Snowman than a normal-sized human man. In all, there's a ton of swooping lapels and collars to add intrigue to the great outerwear selection Acne always comes with, as well as more than its fair share of comedy, from pants that look like they're from the days of Jared before Subway sponsored his life to slippers that feel like they could be a highly sought after fuccboi collabo with Giuseppe Zanotti. If you're trying to catch of this rareness, you'll be pleased to hear that it's all available directly from Acne right now.