New York Fashion Week is a maze of events and promotions that are impossible to navigate. Certain brand efforts are equally impossible to understand, but it's nice when an authentic collaboration happens and provides resources for artists to create without limitations.

This year, instead of doing a typical fashion week event, the Ace Hotel decided to get a head start on a bigger project; they invited four New York-based artist collectives—Chez Deep, Mike and Claire, House of Ladosha, and FCKNLZ—to stay in their loft suites and create "modules" for an eventual party. The hope was that all of the artists would spend time together and engage in discourse on gender, presentation, art, style, identity, and trends.

After visiting the artists at work the week before last, we saw a mix of "modules" in process with various materials and moodboards throughout the lofts. FCKNLZ had a concept for a Permanent Wet T-shirt (and were inventively dressing furniture), Chez Deep were filming a music video in a downstairs meeting room, House of Ladosha were shopping, and Mike and Claire were busy cutting and sewing. Seeing all four collectives working toward a common goal was a reminder of the power of space and collaboration.

On Sunday, September 7, the art pieces, wearables, and garments will be shown at the Ace Hotel's Liberty Hall during a public party at 9 p.m. Preview some of the in-process pieces with the images above, and we'll see you there.

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