This October, Red Bull Studios in New York will be premiering a new exhibition entitled "Spaced Out: Migration to the Interior" curated by world renowned artist, writer, and publisher Phong Bui. In the press release, Red Bull Studios describes the exhibition as an "exploration of psychedelic consciousness" that blurs the boundaries between the "dream world and reality" in order to challenge our everyday perceptions. The collection features a range of artists whose work delves into the disorientating and fantastical world of psychedelics, time, trances, illusions, and theories.

When he first saw Red Bull's eccentric studio space, Bui stated, "I knew immediately that it was the right environment to present the psychedelic work I’d been thinking about," adding “There’s a psychedelic renaissance we’ve been seeing since 2010, among alternative medical communities” and that this development has lead to increase artistic conversation about the merits of psychedelics in life and art.

Throughout the exhibition, which will be open to the public from Oct. 10 to Dec. 14, there will be a variety of performances in the space in order to promote a dialogue about the exhibitions evocative content and ideas. These will include panel discussions, dance and musical performances, poetry readings, and film screenings from noted artists and public figures.

The collection will feature the works of Gregory Crewdson, Keltie Ferris, Sylvie Fleury, Robert Gober, Tamara Gonzales, Jim Lambie, Charles LeDray, Deborah Kass, Jon Kessler, Chris Martin ,Takeshi Murata, John O’Connor ,Roxy Paine, Bruce Pearson, Rona Pondick, Alexander Ross, Mika Rottenberg, Will Ryman, Peter Saul, James Siena, Philip Taaffe, Fred Tomaselli, Richard Tuttle, Lisa Yuskavage, Leo Villareal, and more. For those of you hoping to view the collection, it will be open to the public on October 10 from Wednesdays to Sundays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Red Bull Studios 220 West 18th Street, New York.