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Brands really gotta stop giving clothing items real people names. I don't want to anthropomorphize my clothing with a name like "Tim" or "Eric." It makes me feel that much worse when I eventually end up getting rid of it, like it's actually a living, breathing thing that has feelings too. But this Aspesi wool overshirt is, of course, named "Clint." So, whenever I'd wear it, I'd feel like Eastwood was staring at me and making me do all these fucking chores so when he gets old and is about to die I can get his super fucking sweet car. These sorts of shirts always get me hyped. If it's warm-ish you can wear it as a light jacket, but not sweat your dick off because you inevitably also wore your heavy outerwear too early in the season because you're too juiced to wait like a normal person. Aspesi is also the best brand to help you leave your #menswear past behind and begin the process of moving on, but not, like, totally just yet because there are still a bunch of intense lingering feels. Think of them as a halfway house for people who just quit meth or something.