Date: 1962

There are many denim jackets, but there's one to rule them all. The “Type III,” also infamously known as the “trucker jacket” is easily distinguished from its older incarnations by the pointed flaps on its front chest pockets. The jacket is noticeably more tailored in design, and constructed out of 14 oz. preshrunk denim as opposed to the earlier models' 9 oz. raw denim base. The stitching thread of the "557XX" was also orange, as opposed to the earlier yellow thread. Considering this model's permanence in modern culture, there have a been a few alternations to the model, in the form of the “70505,” “71205,” and the “70518.” The changes between these different models are minimal, but a few details have shifted through the decades. With a few branding changes under its belt, these minute elements are critical in calculating the date of a vintage jacket. If it's a "Big E" jacket, meaning the red tab reads "LEVI'S,' then the jacket dates from the '50s to around 1971. If the red tab reads “Levi's,” then that jacket is from 1972 or later, and is known as a "Little e" jacket.