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We all go through it. Running from store to store. Sitting outside the changing room, just waiting to throw on that fake "Wow, that looks amazing" look. It's scientifically proven that shopping with our significant other can lead to significant brain damage*. Especially when there is nothing for us guys to actually get behind for ourselves. So, what do we do when we know our girl's gonna go H.A.M. as soon as she walks out of the house? "I gotta get some work done." 

Or, "You know your (insert girlfriend) can help you out more than I can."

Or, "My grandma wanted to help me move some of her furniture around."

But here's the thing: The amount of dope stores your girl checks out on a regular basis that will also whet your sartorial whistle is staggering. The same shops you only pictures as the haute couture capital for your lady may have the luxe additions both you and your lady can appreciate. So next time bae wants to drop coin on some new duds, tell her your schedule magically cleared up so you can both make a visit to 10 Stores Your Girl Shops at That Also Carries Dope Men's Stuff.

*May or may not be true.