Yuketen's Maine Guide boots are certified classics. Buy them now so you don't have to buy the commemorative edition in, like, five or ten years and pretend like you always loved them. You can do that with Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, you can't do that with Yuketen Maine Guide boots. You're probably thinking, "Wait, hasn't this asshole already written about these fucking boots?" YUP, but you guys don't understand. I own these boots, so every time I signal boost them, my personal brand goes up. Fun fact: I'm wearing guide boots in my Baewear tee. YOU WANT A T-SHIRT OF YOURSELF? WEAR YUKETEN GUIDE BOOTS. Also, they're super comfortable. And the Vibram soles are super quiet. I can sneak up on people like a fucking ninja in these. I mean, if ninjas wore big ass boots, of course.