There are few things better than lounging by the pool with your bae and a nice drink when the temperature reaches "hell" on your thermostat. Some avoid public pools (because diseases), but others also don't want to check into a private resort with a pool that contains a bunch of unattractive tourists and their kids. There is one resort in Algarrobo, Chile that would make anyone break their pool rules, because this pool is .6 miles wide and looks amazing.

Named the "World's Largest Swimming Pool by Area" by Guinness World Records, the $2 billion lake-sized pool at San Alfonso del Mar measures in at 20 acres with a length of 0.6 miles. To put that into perspective, New York's Central Park is only ).5 miles wide. The pool is filled with 66,000,000 gallons of saltwater via a $3.5 billion dollar filtration system, and its deepest point is 115 feet to the bottom. Visitors actually take sail boats out into the pool like it's the Pacific Ocean. 

The next time you're chilling in three feet of infested waters next to a family of seven, remember these photos and re-evaluate your life choices.

[via EarthPorm]

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