This Universal Works Bakers jacket is made from some sort of fabric called "Locco." I don't know what the fuck a Locco is, but I have a feeling it has nothing to do with getting a little crazy. I mean, I'm sure it has something to do with the specific materials used to blend the fabric, but I'm not a nerd so I couldn't care less. You gotta love that slanted buttonhole detail though. I need more jackets like this in my life because I like to shove my hands in my pockets and wander aimlessly around the prepared foods section of Whole Foods. If your Whole Foods is anything like my Whole Foods, the prepared food section is POPPING. If you are a single guy looking to pick up a wealthy, hot yoga mom, the prepared foods section at Whole Foods is a good place to start. Mention how the recent popularity of quinoa has made it difficult for people in South America to afford the staple grain. Hot yoga moms that wear Lululemon with aplomb and carry Nalgene bottles with ACK stickers love fun factoids about their favorite superfoods. They also love younger dudes in casual jackets made from interesting fabrics making said aforementioned observations about superfoods.

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