Tim Coppens is one of those designers that I still completely fan out over in, like, an embarrassing way. Back in the day, when I didn't even have a blog, I low-key convinced myself that when I got older and had a real job I'd only shit like Geller and Ervell and, in retrospect, shit like Timmy Cops too. Well, I'm older now, but I still don't have a real job. So, I don't wear any of those designers exclusively, but I do wear stuff from all of them. I'M BLESSED NOW. Particularly, I would like to wear this Tim Coppens sweatshirt 5 days a week because it just looks real comfy and, plus, it has a pocket on the wrist and removable Velcro straps. What would I keep on deck in that pocket? An Abraham Lincoln in case of emergency. I'm not sure what I could actually do with 5 dollars in a 2k14 emergency outside of, like, buy a Hostess fruit pie and maybe a 20oz. Pellegrino. That might not help the actual situation, but I know it will help me emotionally.