The Daily Intelligencer recently published a profile online titled "The Outlaw Instagrammers of New York City," in which they focus on a few teenagers who have been killing the photography game as of late by sharing their amazing photography with their thousands of followers. The main subject of the article is 17-year-old Humza Deas​, who at the time of this post has gotten 27,596 people to tap the follow button so that they can keep up with his incredible cityscapes taken from the city's most beautiful rooftops and bridges.

Image via humzadeas on Instagram
Image via humzadeas on Instagram
Image via humzadeas on Instagram


Deas and his friends have redefined what it means "to do if for the 'gram." He told the Daily Intelligencer that what they do is different from the "urban explorers" who take photos of spaces like the Dumbo Sugar Refinery or the inside of 5 Pointz. "They'll go to the top of the bridge and touch it and be like, Wow, this architecture!" When Deas and the other artists referenced in the profile go to the top of buildings (including LastSuspect and Kostennn), it's not to admire them, it's to get a dope photo.

The desire to be the best and incidents like the white flag planted on the Brooklyn Bridge have caused beef between some "climbers," but the quest to create and share awesome images is what keeps these young guns shooting. Check out the video of Deas with Pix11 that resulted in death threats from other photographers, and read more about him and his cohorts here.

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