Kanye West's concerts are never really just about the performances, though they are obviously central to the expereince. The set design, extras (dancers and band players), and even tour merchandise are all carefully considered and aim to execute a total vision. In the case of the latter, Kanye has made merch as much a part of his shows as the music, and as direct reflections of his personal taste and style. In other words, they weren't just weird logos and tour dates slapped onto shitty tees. 

From the get-go, the tour merch incorporated images and a design aesthetic that were clearly Kanye. For the "School Spirit" tour, during which he performed music off his Get Well Soon... mixtape and debut album The College Dropout, the Dropout Bear was the focal point. In the years that followed, as he evolved as a rapper and as his style changed, the T-shirts became futuristic (Graduation era) and later entered a luxe realm. He even had merch designed by Givenchy creative director Riccardo Tisci (Watch the Throne era). And as Kanye works towards making a name for himself in the fashion industry, he treated the merch for his "Yeezus" tour much like an actual collection—one that included everything from outerwear to totes, with illustrations done by artist Wes Lang, and would later be sold at PacSun. 

Take a look back at all five of Kanye's solo tours, and The Evolution of Kanye West's Tour Merch that was created for each.