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Clothes really do make the man. At least that’s the premise behind the NYC nonprofit That Suits You.

Similar to the blueprint of Dress for Success, TSY’s main objective is to help unemployed men achieve their dreams by supplying them with quality suits that they otherwise couldn’t afford. As we all know, looking professional is half the battle in actually becoming a professional.

“I was responsible for hiring at my previous job, and a lot of men would come into the job qualified [...] but they didn’t have the necessary attire for the interview,” said TSY founder Gerard Kersey. “So one day while cleaning out my closet, me and brother, we decided to donate our suits that we couldn’t wear anymore to these men. We started just with us, then we expanded to family and friends, and then we started talking to job-training programs and schools. It just kind of grew from there.”

Though donating sharp business attire is the primary focus, it’s not the only contribution from the nonprofit. TSY also provides men with job preparation training, such as mock interviews, business ownership education, and networking resources.

It’s a pretty noble endeavor that, unfortunately, often gets overlooked.

So if you’re looking to make some extra space in your closet, head over to TSY’s website to learn more about the organization, as well as guidelines for donating.

[via That Suits You]