At first, I bet you assholes thought that these Spiewak coats were pretty fucking suburban with the drab monotone and sensible pockets. WELL, LIKE MOST POSTS IN WHICH YOU AND I HAVE A DIALOGUE THAT I'VE WRITTEN BOTH SIDES FOR, I'VE MADE YOU THE STRAW MEN TO THEN DESCRIBE A HIDDEN FEATURE OF A PRODUCT. I'M THE SOCRATES OF THIS SHIT. OR PLATO, I GUESS, SINCE SOCRATES TECHNICALLY DIDN'T WRITE ANYTHING DOWN. Anyhow, in this case, it's the bombass digi-camo that only appears when a strong light source is shined onto the fabric. WAIT, WHAT? FOR REAL? THAT'S SOME METAL GEAR SOLID TECHNOLOGY TYPE SHIT. Do you guys remember in the first Metal Gear Solid reboot for the original PlayStation that to beat the psychic boss you could switch controller ports so that he couldn't read your mind? FUCKING CRAZY. That game was the greatest. Anyways, I'm really into these jacket specifically for the Solid Snake style camo fabric. Thank you for reading a post that went from Socratic dialogues to Solid Snake real quick, real fucking quick. These joints will be available in January.